Enterprise Hardware & Devices

Many types of computer, business equipment and dedicated sales personnel for corporate organizations.

Corporate sales
Corporate sales team consists of more than 40 professional consultants who work for 3-10 years in information technology sector. Corporate sales consultant provides information about consulting, purchasing, payment, goods supply, partners cooperative, discount and promotion, training as well as help for making optimal choice of the computer and business equipment.
IT Product wholesale
ITZone LLC is Mongolian official distributor of Canon, Dell, Lenovo ThinkPad, Mogul and Schneider Electric. These brand products are delivered from its manufacturers and supplied to our partners including Nomin Electronics, Next Electronics, Arina Electronics, Topica and NewSonic. Also we give repair warranties for these products.
Canon Center
Since 2002, ITZone LLC is being only authorized distributor of Canon brand in Mongolia. In 2007, Canon center was established and Canon brand's latest printers, canon, digital cameras, projectors, scanners etc, all equipment are centralized in one place. The professional advise, warranty service is provided the customers. Canon brand has supported Green hobby and ''Asuult Photo Tour" has been organized in each year.
Online store
www.ITZoneStore.mn gives opportunity to buy the original computer and business equipment of Dell, Canon, HP and Samsung from trustworthy place and it saves your time. Also this site shows services such as printer toner delivery, contracted service of Canon copier and call order of repair service. - 1000+ МТ products of official distributor are being in one place - Flexibility payment - Always 5% discount - Delivery working 5 hours - Satisfaction warranty in 48 hours - To send request and all service order for organization - Online operator
ITZone Technology Center
ITZone Technology Center locates in front of the Computer Land and that supplies the business equipment and computers of Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Mogul, etc.

Technical Support and Services

ITZone company's Technical Support Center delivers authorized warranty service with its more than 30 professional engineers who has worked for 3-15 years and officially certified who responsible for repairing the Canon, Dell, HP and LG brands.

Types of technical and support services:

Software maintenance and support

Software maintenance and support
  • System analysis
  • Operation system (Mac, Windows,Linux)
  • Software debugging
  • Device calibration and configuration
  • Virus clearing

Server, computer, notebook service maintenance

Server, computer, notebook service maintenance
  • Diagnosis and analysis
  • Repair and recovery
  • Smart devices

Printer and copier repair service

Printer and copier repair service
  • Printers
  • Large format printers
  • Plotters

Copier service

Copier service
  • Diagnosis and analysis
  • Installation
  • Clearing
  • Repair
  • Spare part installation
  • Cartridge cleaning

Camera and mobile phone maintenance

Camera and mobile phone maintenance
  • Diagnosis and analysis
  • Compact cameras
  • DSLR камер
  • DSLR cameras
  • Lenses

LED/LCD TV projector maintenance

LED/LCD TV projector maintenance
  • Diagnosis
  • Repair services

Other device service

Other device service
  • GPS maintenance
  • UPS maintenance
  • Surveillance camera
  • Router
  • Storage devices

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